“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

– Dolly Parton

{ work }

I currently work as a senior backend software engineer in the payments industry. Previously, I worked as a small business owner, project manager, and operations manager.

{ life }

I am mother to three amazing people and two dogs. I also volunteer extensively in my community, love being outside, and never find quite enough time for all the reading I would like to do.

{ giving back }

With a mission to inspire women to excel in technology careers, “Women Who Code” is the organization to which I chose to channel my volunteer energy. Helping to bring womxn together for inspiration, encouragement, learning new skills, and celebration of accomplishments is a joy.

{ me }

People who know me describe me as collaborative, ambitious, patient, and compassionate. I welcome challenges, failure, and constructive criticism as opportunities for growth and development. Wired for optimism, I bring enthusiasm, kindness, and an open mind to everything I do.

The skills I value and rely on the most include creative problem solving, analytical thinking, and connecting with people. I am a systems thinker and a detail lover.

{ podcasts }

May 2020, Ruby Rogues: “Brainstorming with Introverts”
Download: MP3

December 2019, Ruby on Rails Podcast with Brittany Martin: “Understanding Encoding”
Download: MP3 Audio (25.7 MB)

{ speaking engagements }

April 2021 (Upcoming), The Lead Developer: “Building inclusion through effective moderation”

March 2020, LibrePlanet: “Keeping Secrets: What you need to know about Encryption”

November 2019, RubyConf Lightning Talk: “Brainstorming with Introverts”

November 2019, RubyConf: “How to Become an Encoding Champion”

October 2019, All Things Open: “Keeping Secrets: What You Need to Know about Encryption”

April 2019, PAYMENTSfn: “Encoding: Understanding the Basics”

April 2019, Women Who Code CONNECT - SF: “Encryption Essentials: How does it work & why is it important?”

October 2018, All Things Open: “Ladies Explain the Blockchain”

October 2018, Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions: “Blockchain Basics”

August 2018, Self.Conference: “How the Game is Played: Understanding Blockchain Basics”

May 2018, PAYMENTSfn: “3DS: The Good, The Bad & The Future”

March 2018, Momentum: “Ladies Explain the Blockchain”

September 2017, Strangeloop: “Lightning Talk: Brainstorming with Introverts”

{ media }

June 2018: She Did It and Believes You Can, too!

May 2018: How Female Professionals are Proving Women’s Worth in Tech